Photo taken about an hour ago.Werrrrrk dat ass. 


Photo taken about an hour ago.
Werrrrrk dat ass. 


I stole this kid’s neopets account and when I checked my email I find this

you occasionally reblog good stuff, that's the only reason i follow you. hopefully you post less fat ass pictures of yourself if you're too busy with your 'career'

i’ll post a few pics for u tonight bby


if you’re so tired of me why are you still on my blog fuck off

i’m going to be on this website a whole lot less because i’m going to be working full time starting tomorrow (meaning 8 am - 5 pm every day) and i’m not going to be able to devote much if any time for blogging sorry in advance but i can’t let a blogging website mess up my career

I am Aaron Paul. My name is Aaron Paul.


hmu if u live in texas im tryna hit u up n break it so i can say my exes live in texas


the cock is mighty with this one

i know you shouldnt judge people based on their music taste but the truth is that 99% of the time it works